The Buddy McEarns Band – “Check Your Meter”
-These cats are probably more classic rock than pure indie rock, but whatever we liked it and we want it on this list. The blues rock style here is infectiously enjoyable. It makes you want a stiff drink. The easy comparison is someone like the Allman Brothers Band and we’re glad to hear someone is keeping this musical tradition alive.

Wildcat's All-Star Benefit - Northampton, MA 11/21/18    By: Jimm O'D (

"Buddy McEarns’ real “thang” is his quite particular style.   Called “Ragabilly” by one particularly articulate observer,  this guy has a real knack for creating surprising and engaging arrangements for all his material,  such that his repertoire maintains an admirable consistency,  whether a given number is one of his many originals,  or one of his highly original arrangements of others’ songs.   This is a perfect example of an artist creating versions of songs,  rather than ‘covers’ per se."